Winter Herbal Tea


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Winter Herbal Tea Contains a mixture of unique and traditional herbs. By using it we can use to improve our immune system because it has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation efficiency.

Thyme which is one of the compounds of winter herbal tea plays an important role in skin and hair care.
For example, Cosmetic industries use thyme for making anti-acne creams and face washers.

Pregnant women can supply their needs by using mallow. Leaves of this herb are an adequate source of Iron, Zinc, and other vitamins, thereupon drinking winter herbal tea should be on their diet. Due to its high enamel content, mallow’s usage is as a soothing and calming herb. The common positive effect of mallow is especially for inflammation of the gastrointestinal or respiratory tract.

According to the medical field of Maryland University, peppermint can sedate gastrointestinal muscles, revive bile circulation, so if you suffer indigestion problem, using mallow by drinking winter herbal tea can definitely help you to solve it. In a research that was published in Great Britain medical magazine in 2008, mallow represented as an anti-spasm compound that can be beneficial for IBS treatment. Winter herbal tea by having mallow can reduce spasm of body muscles, and muscles’ automatism movement.

Spearmint is a sedative herb too, so if you suffer from insomniac, you can easily solve your problem. Also, spearmint can be effective on your skin freshness.

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Product Name Winter Herbal Tea
3TA Code 21010820
HS Number 090300
S.U.Q Piece
Manufacturer ATAROD SABZ CO, .LTD
Packaging/ Packing 10*16 cm Paper Can/ Carton
Supply Ability/ Month 50000 Pieces
Minimum Order 1000 Pieces
Terms of Delivery EXW-FCA-FOB
Certificate of Analysis YES
Standard Certificate YES
Health Certification IRFDA, Industry Exploitation License
Price Expiration Date 10 SEP 2021
Wholesale Price Unit
International Certifications NON

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