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We introduce ourselves as a professional supplier in Iran

Have best deals from Iran origin with the help of THREETA group as one of the leading general suppliers in Iran.
We provide a wide range of products in 9 main categories which deployed under 30 subcategories from over a hundred reputed manufacturers. These included products have been selected for you based on quality preferences, matching to international standards and globe reputation according to experienced merchant choices.
You would find raw and final products in the fields of Agriculture and Food, Health, Care and Beauty, sanitary products, chemicals, petrochemicals, and Plastics, and more than thirty categories.

Contact our office or representations to learn more about our products and services and how we can assist your business or guide you to the most efficient commercial purpose.

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Try our services and enjoy:

* Directly contact manufacturers.

* Ensure product quality and delivery time.

* Payment easiness.

* Order equipment manufacturing.

* Logistics and Shipping Services.

* Consultation with experts and representatives in your country.

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