Our History …

How THREETA was Born?

The “Fard International Trading Holding”:

During 2010 – 2016 this holding has been started its activity lean on economy activists, custom experts, Iranian university superior professors, and International law and commerce experts. Performances of the holding such as general tradings like export, import and customs clearance, international foreign market analysis make this holding one of the most efficient sources of commerce databases in the middle east.

The “Beinolmelali Atieh Tejarat Threeta”:

This corporation has been established in 2016 for small and large reputed manufacturers who are being interested to develop their market in an excellent international platform. Ongoing correlations between the group and distributors or merchants in the world make us unrivaled. We were, we are and we will.


One of the most competitive advantages of the group which makes difference in export trading companies is customizable order property. You would customize bulk products in packaging and quality as your tacts.


Lean on pioneer shipping and logistics departments and cooperation with well-known internal and international companies from the beginning up to now. We are firmly able to serve you prompt services to at least 150 destinations.


Any time during 24 hours our experts are on your service to answer your questions about purchases. We tender special offers for clients like seasonal overwhelming discounts or generic destinations shipping charges.

Our Professional Team:


Director Manager & Founder since 2016: "The main mission of  THREETA Group has been appointed  to introduce competitive desirable  products which all of them made inside Iran to the world"


President of Agriculture and Food Department since 2016: "I personally believe that the agricultural products which extracted in Iran almost are highly competitive in quality and price, We live in a four-season country"  


Administrator and Manager of IT Department since 2017: "For having the best communication with you we providing ourselves every moment reach to prepare a worthy international platform. These days technology is running quickly as lightning."


President of Research and Development Department since 2018: "Economy science is a human surviving tool to protect himself against business mistakes, THREETA Research, and development department is one of the most vital parts of it."

How to join the THREETA Group?

How to Join THREETA Group as a Supplier?

Thanks for choosing us;  your attention is highly appreciated. For adding your products to the website refer to the product registration page in the sub-menu of Sell on 3TA tab for free. Kindly be noticed to read terms and conditions carefully before registration.

How Can We Join THREETA as a Shipping Company?

  1. Send us company performance resume to logistics@3tagroup.com.
  2. Register your company on Logistics Associations Page online.
  3. Call Head Office for confirmation: +(98)21- 776 320 87 in (302).

Can I Introduce My Trademark By The Help of 3TA?

If you would like to introduce your industry, factory, or trademark you are able to share with us your company information. Your factory contact will be shown to registered clients in the Manufacturer Profile tab into the sub-category of Merchants Access.

How Can I Be Your Representative In My Country?

Beforehead, probably future cooperation is highly valuable. Please refer to the Representative Affairs page in the sub-menu of Sell on 3TA, fill the form. The group experts will get in touch you shortly.

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