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Slight green color cumin seed with soft and crispy seeds in the highest level of aroma. The 3TA group is an experienced supplier in Iran. This oily seed drying process is a natural process under direct sunlight free of any dehydrate booster extras. This spice is popular in both ground and coarse form, and some ground exported to the world, and in addition, coarse green cumin seeds are used to prepare cumin oil. Although, you can contact our experts for supplying extracted oil of this seed.

A Brief About the Cumin Seed:

Cumin seed is one of the main spices that are widely using in the food industry. Dozens of cumin features have been found by experts such as beneficial solutions for men. As a result, this herb is an adequate source of Zinc and potassium so it helps to have fertile sperm and brings more healthy activity. Using cumin is an efficient way of digesting and it is an excellent appetizer for those who want to gain more weight. This herb grows in some countries under difficult climate conditions somewhere in Asia in countries like India and Iran. Cumin seed supplier as the cleared amount as soon as possible.

Phosphorus can improve kidney function. kidneys besides detoxifying the body from micturating can remove organic molecules that are excess in blood. This herb helps mothers breastfeed their babies and it is beneficial for them. In general, using it can improve your immune system. If you want to prevent suffering from common cold and diseases like that you should use cumin seed regularly.

Information Result Information Result
Product Name/ Alt-Name Cumin Seed/ Jeera and Kamoun Seed S.U.Q *Standard Unit Quantity Kilogram (Kg)
Model Number # Terms of Delivery EXW-FCA-FOB-CIF
Brand Name THREETA Group Terms/ Mode of Payment Advanced Payment/ LC
HS Code 09093129-90 M.O.Q *Minimum Order Quantity 500 Kilogram
Product ID 22AG3223 Supply Ability 40 Metric Ton/ Month
Country of Origin Iran, Islamic Republic of Currency Unit $ USD
Product Specifications
Specification Value
Color 90% Dark Green – 10% Yellow
Purity 99.90% – 98% – 95%
Process Sortex Machine Cleaned Process
Volatile Oil Content Admixture 2.5 % – 4.5 %
Moisture 7.50% Maximum
Storage Condition Cool and Dry Place
Shelf Life 36 – 48 Months/ 3 – 4 Years
Certificate of Analysis Presentable
International Certification(s) NON
Packing/ Packaging Customization
Packaging Packing Pattern Logo
Normal 30 Kg Polypropylen Sack Simple THREETA Group
Custom Paper Can/ Glass Jar Carton Orderable Your LOGO

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