Aloe Vera Distillate



Extracted aloe vera distillate from intact and fresh aloe vera with clear sap. This product is orderable by the 3TA group as a wholesale. This distillate is free of any additives and not combined with other distillates like musk willow and chicory extracts. Be consider that, the transparency and purity of this product directly refer to the originality of this product. Due to the nature of the plant aloe vera, this product grows in the southern areas of Iran. In some other neighboring countries with hot and dry climates like Saudi Arabia aloe vera distillate exists. According to the cheap cost of cultivating this product inside Iran, this product will be more affordable to purchase.

A Brief About the Aloe Vera Distillate:

Aloe vera recalls as a “Herb of Eternity” in some countries. Aloe vera relieves gastric ulcers and inflammation of the bowel. It also lowers blood pressure and blood sugar level. The aloe vera distillate is an anti-acne substance that can help to excrete poison from the blood. like other substutes, it is the best option for tranquility and easing your mind so try to use it daily if you have a busy and crowded schedule.

Aloe vera can hydrate your body very well because it is an adequate source of water.  Body hydration can help to remove toxic and unhealthy substances. When you use aloe vera distillate, the amount of water in the intestines increases, and this action causes the activity of the intestines to be higher.

For people who suffer from frequent constipation, we recommend you include the consumption of this herb in their diet. As a result, consuming this herbal distillate is the best way for the body for having better nutrient absorption.

Information Result
Product Name Aloe Vera Distillate
3TA Code 21010815
HS Number 330190
S.U.Q Piece
Packaging/ Packing 1000 cc Plastic Bottle/ Carton
Supply Ability/ Month 50000 Pieces
Minimum Order 500 Pieces
Terms of Delivery EXW-FCA-FOB
Certificate of Analysis YES
Standard Certificate YES
Health Certification IRFDA, Industry Exploitation License
Price Expiration Date 10 SEP 2021
Wholesale Price Unit
International Certifications NON

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