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Orange is a kind of citrus fruit that is a good source of Vitamin C. Also its peel has a lot of efficiencies that we are going to talk about it. Firstly we can say that using this product can strengthen your gastric ulcers and prevent the inside of your body from bleeding. One of the most unusual usages of orange peel is that we can use it when a scorpion bites, so in that case, we could mix the orange peel with water and make the drink it to disinfect the body.

This product is efficient for reducing blood pressure and it has been a standard traditional medicine for a thousand years in China. Due to its low calorie and high fiber, it prevents consuming high calories in your daily diet, and as the result, you will become slimmer. Put it on your mouth and teeth to make your breath fresh. It can Whiten your teeth and even reduce their sensitivity.

Vitamin C, which is in the orange peel, helps to illuminate dark spots and red spots on the skin. Apply it to your skin or turn it into a mask. Although there is less information about this, some sources say that compounds such as limonene, decanal, and citral can help enhance eye health. They have anti-inflammatory properties that counteract infections and improve vision.

The fiber in the fruit skin helps digestion and regulates the digestion cycle. Studies also show that citrus skin was generally used since ancient times to treat gastrointestinal disorders. Due to the excellent content of vitamin C, orange peel helps to accumulate and cleanse the lungs. Vitamin C also enhances the immunity of the body, which helps prevent lung infections.

Exfoliating skin by clearing the lungs can help you to Increase immunity. It also prevents diseases such as colds and flu.

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Product Name Orange Peel
3TA Code 21010803
HS Number 080599
S.U.Q Kilogram
Manufacturer THREETA Group
Packaging/ Packing Bag and Sack/ Carton
Supply Ability/ Month 40 Metric Ton
Minimum Order 5 Metric Ton
Terms of Delivery EXW-FCA-FOB
Certificate of Analysis YES
Standard Certificate NON
Purchase Restrictions NON
Price Expiration Date 10 SEP 2021
Wholesale Price Unit Metric Ton
International Certifications NON

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