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Harvested pure dried thyme from elevated mountains. The 3TA group presents itself as one of the expert providers of herbs and spices in Iran. Natural wild grew sorted out thyme without extra wings or any other impurities. The most important element of this product is its essence which can find in each leaf at around 1 to 2 percent. This herb is suitable for the essence extraction process or powdering to produce a spice. In thyme, some factors exist which those quantities refer to the are of growing, harvesting time or climate conditions. Although, dried thyme with a high level of these contents will be more requirable.

A Brief About Dried Thyme:

Dried thyme is a medicinal plant full of benefits, which has a lot of popularity as a wonderful herbal tea. This plant grows mostly in mountainous areas and is completely fragrant. The benefits of this medicinal plant are very wide, and in addition to its many medicinal efficiencies, it has great nutritional importance as a fragrant spice, along with other spices. This herb is the best treatment for infections of all parts of the body. Thyme has many benefits and has been used in various ways to treat various diseases since ancient times.

Dried thyme is an adequate source of vitamin K, iron, calcium, and manganese, which are extremely important in proper bone growth and reducing bone problems. Thyme helps digest food better and cures indigestion. Because this plant has antimicrobial properties, it fights against intestinal microbes and is effective in treating intestinal inflammation. Studies show that this plant is suitable for reducing the symptoms of patients with irritable bowel syndrome. For better gastrointestinal function, we recommend using it as a thyme tea or spice.

Information Result Information Result
Product Name/ Alt-Name Dried Thyme/ Thymus S.U.Q Kilogram (Kg)
Model Number # Terms of Delivery EXW-FCA-FOB-CIF
Brand Name THREETA Group Terms/ Mode of Payment Advanced Payment/ LC
HS Code 09109911 M.O.Q 100 Kilogram
Product ID 22AG3232 Supply Ability 10 Metric Ton/ Month
Country of Origin Iran, Islamic Republic of Currency Unit $ USD
Parameter Value
Color 99% Green – 1% Brown
Purity Standard (ASTA Quality)
Process Machine Cleaned Process
Volatile Oil Content Admixture N/A
Moisture 12% Maximum
Storage Condition Cool and Dry Place
Shelf Life 6 – 12 Months/ 0.5 – 1 Year
Certificate of Analysis Presentable
International Certification(s) NON
Packing/ Packaging Customization
Packaging Packing Pattern Logo
Normal 30 Kg Polypropylen Sack Simple THREETA Group
Custom Paper Can/ Glass Jar Carton Orderable Your LOGO

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