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Pure grounded red sumac powder with excellent sour taste provided from the vast farms of cultivation by experienced farmers by the 3TA group. The Threeta Group is proud to introduce itself as one of the leading suppliers of herbs and spices, especially sumac powder in Iran. This product is one of the premium types of sumac powder that lacks any other sour compound. Also, you can purchase this product in bulk in 10kg bags in a carton. The Threeta Group made it possible for you to customize packaging and change it regarding your commercial purpose. Note that the original sumac has a dark red color.

A Brief About the Sumac Powder

Washing the hair with sumac leaves makes the hair black.
The sumac contains antioxidants that cause detoxification of the liver and help to treat fatty liver. Also, consumption of the sumac can treat the hepatitis B virus. Several studies have shown that tannins in the sumac reduce cholesterol and high blood fat. Tannin can help prevent heart diseases.

The high amounts of vitamin C in sumac powder and sumac herbal tea have fat-burning properties and are useful for slimming the abdomen and losing weight.  Sumac helps to reduce bleeding during menstruation.

Sumac is a well-known spice that grows mostly in the Middle East and the Mediterranean Countries and is widely used in cooking. Native Americans also used this spice to make a drink similar to beer. In Iran and Turkey, sumac powder in the food industry has a wide range of usages. Such as preparing a variety of barbecues, sandwiches, and salads. The cushion contains high amounts of vitamin C, which reduces the skin’s wrinkles and helps to rejuvenate it.

Information Result Information Result
Product Name/ Alt-Name Sumac Powder/ Sumach – Sumak Powder S.U.Q *Standard Unit Quantity Kilogram (Kg)
Model Number # Terms of Delivery EXW-FCA-FOB-CIF
Brand Name THREETA Group Terms/ Mode of Payment Advanced Payment/ LC
HS Code 09109919 M.O.Q *Minimum Order Quantity 500 Kilogram
Product ID 22AG3459 Supply Ability 40 Metric Ton/ Month
Country of Origin Iran, Islamic Republic of Currency Unit $ USD
Product Specifications
Specification Value
Color 100% Red
Granulation 95% Min on USS# 14
Process Heavy Grinding Machine
Volatile Oil Content Admixture N/A
Moisture 25% Maximum
Storage Condition Light 20 ° C, Darkness 20 ° C and 6 ° C
Shelf Life 24 Months/ 2 Years
Certificate of Analysis YES
International Certification(s) NON
Packing/ Packaging Customization
Packaging Packing Pattern Logo
Normal 30 Kg Polypropylene Sack Simple THREETA Group
Custom Paper Can/ Glass Jar Carton Orderable Your LOGO

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