Dried Summer Savory

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This dried summer savory cultivates in fertile and vast fields by the 3TA international trading group in Iran which guarantees your purchase. With an organic and natural drying process that lacks any additives, this product is available in bulk order. Although, you have an opportunity to purchase this product in any required amount in the shortest possible time. Dried summer savory is one of the most popular exportable commodities in Iran. So you can order this product according to your requirements based on destination standards in polypropylene bags. Furthermore, the THREETA group offers you attractive packages and packing. We make you able to select customized plastic or glass jar, paper can, and other agreed customizations for this product.

A Brief About the Summer Savory:

Savory is a skin-friendly herb that can treat acne and other skin diseases. This wonderful herb also has antibacterial and PH adjusting properties. But you should know that using excessive dried summer savory may lead to skin dryness and it is not recommended. Besides using savory which is awesome for skincare, it can also relieve insect bites. The cold nature of savory can remove the sting from the place, reduce inflammation and reduce the burning caused by the bite. If your romantic life is interrupted, you may find that delicious savory can increase youth desire.

The dried summer savory works as an appetizer too. Aging and, of course, some special medications and specific health conditions; all can disrupt appetite. Many people know the benefits of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your cells from daily damage, such as exposure to stress, contamination, smoking, radiation, and some chemicals, as well as free radicals that lead to aging. The number of properties of the dried summer savory can help reduce the pain of early menstrual syndrome and irregular menstruation.

Information Result Information Result
Product Name/ Alt-Name Dried Summer Savory S.U.Q *Standard Unit Quantity Kilogram (Kg)
Model Number # Terms of Delivery EXW-FCA-FOB-CIF
Brand Name THREETA Group Terms/ Mode of Payment Advanced Payment/ LC
HS Code 12122940 M.O.Q *Minimum Order Quantity 500 Kilograms
Product ID 22AG3510 Supply Ability 40 Metric Ton/ Month
Country of Origin Iran, Islamic Republic of Currency Unit $ USD
Product Specifications
Specification Value
Color 90% Green – %6 Yellow – %4 Brown
Purity Standard
Process Natural Drying Process
Volatile Oil Content Admixture N/A
Moisture 0.03%
Storage Condition Cool and Dry Place
Shelf Life 20 Months/ 1.5 Year
Certificate of Analysis YES
International Certification(s) NON
Packing/ Packaging Customization
Packaging Packing Pattern Logo
Normal Plastic Bag Carton Simple THREETA Group
Custom Paper Can/ Glass Jar Carton Orderable Your LOGO

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