Musk Willow Distillate



Pure extracted distillate of fresh musk willows with an excellent aroma and delicious taste. This product is ready for shipping by 3TA group.  This product is available in plastic bottles of 1 liter and cartons. If you would like to order this product without a package for retail, you can communicate with our experts. Customized packages for this product are also available in 10 and 20-liter gallons. It is worth mentioning that the latest method of distillation and packaging is fully mechanized to prepare this product. If you wish, you can also order the essence of this product. with the highest denticity with the most competitive price.

A Brief About Musk Willow Distillate:

Musk willow is a herb that originated from Europe, western and central areas of Asia as a tranquilizer for the heart and mind, it also could make you emotionally more active. Musk willow is way too helpful for the digestive system and if you have a lack of appetite, using this herb can resolve your problem. This herb is an adequate source of nutrients such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and so on therefore we can use it to improve our immune system, and especially those who suffer from anemia could partly supply their needs.

There are several reasons for anemia.  Anemia may be due to a lack of iron and folic acid. In some cases, anemia and low blood hemoglobin is genetic disease and requires medical treatment. It is important to remember that to prevent anemia during pregnancy, you need to have a healthy and nutritious diet. Taking some herbal teas and infusions may help reduce the risk of anemia, but using musk willow distillate is not a definitive treatment.

Information Result
Product Name Salix Distillate
3TA Code 21010815
HS Number 330190
S.U.Q Piece
Packaging/ Packing 1000 cc Plastic Bottle/ Carton
Supply Ability/ Month 50000 Pieces
Minimum Order 500 Pieces
Terms of Delivery EXW-FCA-FOB
Certificate of Analysis YES
Standard Certificate YES
Health Certification IRFDA, Industry Exploitation License
Price Expiration Date 10 SEP 2021
Wholesale Price Unit
International Certifications NON

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