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Caraway seed produced in Iran is well prepared for grinding to use as a spice. This herb was released by the 3TA group for large orders. We present ourselves as one of the largest export trading groups in Iran. This product often include less than 10 percent of the essence and between 15 to 20 percent of the oil. This product provides as a powder or ground to the international markets. You can bulk order this product in 30kg packaging from the Threeta group, and receive it in the shortest possible time all around the world. Also, caraway has a lot of different properties than cumin. Cumin has a stronger scent than caraway and its color is green. If you would like to customize your order, you will be able to be in touch with the Threeta group experts.

A Brief About the Caraway Seed:

Caraway is a wonderful herb and due to its scent and taste. The cooking industry can use this wonderful spice in their purposes. Especially in India, Germany, Russia. Caraway contains beneficial nutrients, so using it must be on everyone’s diet for having a healthy body. Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium are the main nutrients of this herb. Caraway seeds can be mixed with boiled water and you can enjoy this delicious herbal tea that is a rich source of vitamins.

Using Caraway seeds regularly can treat intestinal worms without any side effects. Caraway seed is a cheap option for those who suffer from stomach pain and bloating. Caraway seeds can maintain excessive intestinal gas. Dry cough is harassing and what can make your throat soothe is caraway seeds. Although sometimes mixing it with pepper can be more efficient. Potassium can maintain heartbeat and is suitable for this purpose. This valuable herb can reduce the body’s blood pressure by reducing vessels contractions.


Information Result Information Result
Product Name/ Alt-Name Caraway/ Black Cumin S.U.Q *Standard Unit Quantity Kilogram (Kg)
Model Number # Terms of Delivery EXW-FCA-FOB-CIF
Brand Name THREETA Group Terms/ Mode of Payment Advanced Payment/ LC
HS Code 09096190 M.O.Q *Minimum Order Quantity 100 Kilogram
Product ID 22AG3491 Supply Ability 20 Metric Ton/ Month
Country of Origin Iran, Islamic Republic of Currency Unit $ USD
Product Specifications
Specification Value
Color 100% Brown – 10% Brownish Yellow
Purity Standard (ASTA Quality)
Process Sortex – Machine Cleaned
Volatile Oil Content Admixture N/A
Moisture 8% Maximum
Storage Condition Cool and Dry Place
Shelf Life 36-48 Months/ 3-4 Years
Certificate of Analysis YES
International Certification(s) NON
Packing/ Packaging Customization
Packaging Packing Pattern Logo
Normal 30 Kg Polyethylene Sack Simple THREETA Group
Custom Paper Can/ Glass Jar Carton Orderable Your LOGO

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