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Have best deals with the help of “THREETA” general supplier in Iran.

We provide 272 products in 12 main categories from 103 reputed manufacturers. Included products have been selected with high range of qualities which several of them matching to international standards.

Furthermore you would find raw and final products those situated in the fields of Agriculture and food some others like Health, Care and Beauty, Sanitary products, Chemical, Petrochemical and Plastics and all over twenty categories. Not only you would find products in the affordable prices also we are able to produce commodities based on your requirements such as packaging, technical contents and all about customization.

Consequently, we are proudly present to supply products based on original equipment manufacturing just for the items those produced by different manufacturers. We are deeply mandated about our internal supplier and manufacturers in Iran .

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  •  Quality and time obligations.
  •  Direct possibility to contact manufacturers.
  •  Payment easiness.
  •  Original equipment manufacturing.
  •  Logistics and delivery services.
  •  Consultation with experts and representatives deployed in nine countries.

Know us as a Wholesaler, Exporter and supplier in Iran

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